Williamsville Central School District

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Grades K-4 Physical Education

All Williamsville elementary students receive a comprehensive physical education program taught by certified physical education professionals.

The elementary program focuses on building character education through teaching positive work habits and social skills, engaging students in health related fitness activities that embrace cardio-respiratory fitness and muscular strength and endurance and assisting students in developing gross motor coordination that encompasses balance, loco-motor skills and rhythmical movement.

In addition the elementary program develops the basic fundamental motor skills of catching, throwing, kicking and striking.

Students are also taught to move safely in all activities.

The elementary physical education program also provides remedial instruction for kindergarten students identified as needing “age appropriate” catch up physical skills.  Students who are identified have the opportunity to meet for extra classes with physical education teachers to improve skills.

Elementary students also have the opportunity to participate in before school or after school intramural activities.  Those activities are built on the regular physical education program.