Williamsville Central School District

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Grades 9-12 Physical Education

High school students in the Williamsville Central School District are required to successfully complete 2 credits of physical education to qualify for graduation.  Students are expected to successfully complete a half credit of physical education each year during high school.

Activities in the Williamsville High School Physical Education program are grouped into eight major categories.  These activity categories are target sports, team passing sports, dance and rhythms, net wall sports, outdoor activities, fitness activities, personal performance and striking and fielding sports.  High School students are expected to show proficiency in three activities and competence in 6 activities.  These activities are assessed not only in the application of skills, strategies and rules and conventions, but also on personal/social responsibility and safety.

All high school students are also expected to demonstrate health related fitness concept knowledge that results in the development of a personal fitness plan.  It is the goal of the high school physical education staff to have students that graduate understand how to develop personal fitness plans that will keep them fit and healthy throughout life.