Williamsville Central School District

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Physical Education

Physical Education – Mission Statement

The Williamsville Physical Education program concentrates on both the art and science of human movement. However the ultimate objective is to employ movement as a means of contributing to the physical, mental and social goals of education.

Program Description – Williamsville Physical Education

The physical education program is a comprehensive K-12 articulated program that focuses on movement, activity, and knowledge that will promote life long healthy life styles in students.

All students in Williamsville are required to participate in physical education activities, taught by certified physical education teachers. It is the goal of the physical education program to provide a program of continuous age appropriate activities culminating in two credits needed for high school graduation.

The physical education program focuses on the teaching of movement skills, recreational game skills and strategies, the learning of health related concepts related to physical activity, character education and social responsibility education as it relates to group activity.

All physical education activities K-12 are designed according to the New York State Physical Education Standards and the National (NASPE) standards. These standards provide the district with a common understanding for teachers to use when planning and implementing physical education activities.

In addition to scheduled physical education classes, the district offers intramural opportunities for elementary and middle school students and extramural activities for middle school students. Intramural and extramural activities are an outgrowth of the regular physical education program.