Williamsville Central School District

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WITS Troubleshooting Tips

Trouble accessing WITS using Microsoft XP

You may have difficulty accessing the Williamsville Information Tracking System (WITS) if you are using the  Microsoft XP Operating System and/or Internet Explorer 8. The district's Instructional Technology Department has thoroughly investigated reports by parents unable to access WITS and has found  that the issues do not reside within the district systems.  As a result, any  solution to the problem is beyond the district's control, and likely is related to the  currently non-supported XP platform.

 Are you navigating to the correct WITS page?

Please make sure the address that you are using to access WITS reads as follows: https://wits.williamsvillek12.org/data/WITS

Have you cleared your browser's cache?
The .pdfs below contain screen shots which explain this process.

Locating version of Browser
Clearing Cache - Chrome
Clearing Cache - Edge
Clearing Cache - FireFox
Clearing Cache - Internet Explorer
Clearing Cache - Safari