Williamsville Central School District

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Transportation Policies & Procedures

The District policy on transportation was revised and adopted with the current distance limits in 1989; again in SchoolBus with girl1999; and most recently, in 2009. As one of the safest and largest school transportation operations in New York State, Williamsville far exceeds the state mandates on distance eligibility for student transportation.

Student Pick-up

  • In accordance with New York State law, Williamsville establishes bus routes and pick-up points based on the distance limitations set by District policy.
  • Most bus stops are established at street corners and fire hydrants. Consistency and fairness are key standards in implementing this policy.
  • Bus routes are revised every year based on changes in student attendance patterns.
  • The level of service in any given neighborhood may change from one year to the next as students who were eligible for a bus stop move on to higher grades or relocate.
Distance Requirements for Williamsville Bus Service

  • Students in grades K-4 may be expected to walk up to one-tenth of a mile to an established bus stop
  • Students in grades 5-12 may be expected to walk up to two-tenths of a mile to an established bus stop
Non-Through Streets & Cul-de-sacs

  • Non-through streets and cul-de-sacs can present a challenge for school buses. There must be enough space on a court for the bus to turn around, without backing up. In keeping with School District policy and procedures:
  • If a student lives on a non-through street or court that is less than one-tenth of a mile long, or lives less than one-tenth of a mile from the entrance to the court (grades K-4), or two-tenths of a mile for students in grades 5-12, the bus stop will be located at the entrance to the court. Students will be expected to walk to the intersection at the through street.
  • Distance measurements in courts:
  1. Are made from the extended curb line of the through street to the nearest edge of the driveway of the house where the student lives. The location of the bus stop is not a factor in this measurement.
  2. Are measured along the most direct path on the roadway.
  3. May include a measurement traveling in the opposite direction around the circle at the end of the court.
Transportation to Child Care Locations

In accordance with New York State law, the District provides transportation to licensed child care providers located within the District for qualifying students.

  • If the child care provider is not located within the child’s elementary school attendance area, the student will be required to take a transfer bus to the day care location. Parents need to be aware that this may result in a lengthy bus ride for their child(ren).
  • The District will transport a child to a private baby sitter residence only when the residence is located within the attendance area of the child’s elementary school and is located on a normal bus route.
Application Process

  • Parents must file an Application for Special Transportation Arrangement by mid-July for the upcoming school year.
  • Special transportation arrangements must be for a minimum of one month and will be provided on a 5-day per week basis only.
  • Please allow at least two weeks for processing of your application.
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