PARP (Pick A Reading Partner)

PARP Update April 2016:

DodgeCraft's Weeklong Family Explosion begins this coming week, starting on April 18!!!  There are activities planned each day including various dress up opportunities, poem in your pocket, evening phone calls to catch your student reading, a school visit from the UB football team (wear blue in support of the Bulls).  Our culminating event is a speaker from author Kevin Kurtz and a Family Reading event at the Ice Cream Social.  We will be collecting gently used books throughout the week that will be given out in a fall distribution.  It is truly a week packed with fun opportunities for your student and you!!!  Please check out the attached calendar of events!  

Thank you!

Dodge PARP Team

PARP Update March 2016:

Thank you parents for your support of our yearlong PARP program! The PARP team handed out prizes on Thursday, March 3rd for our readers and book reviewers and parents will soon be notified of this round's Wall of Fame Reviewers. Great job Dodgers!
We are hosting a PARP week April 18th-22nd with various activities to promote family reading, literacy, and fun. This year we will be hosting several family storytimes at school during the Ice Cream Social/ Art Show on Friday April 22nd. We hope you can drop by and enjoy a story with your family!

The Dodge Literacy Team, all classroom teachers and our PTA's PARP committee continue to encourage reading all year long through our PARP incentive program. This year's theme is "Dodgecraft: Building Knowledge and Creativity Through Reading." We will have a fall "kick-off" week where we roll out the incentives program to the students, including information about a monthly reading log and the various rewards that will come from completing different reading tasks. Incorporated into this year's program is a writing element. Each student will write a review in grade appropriate style. In the spring, along with a month of extra reading challenges, we will have a fun week where we playfully experience reading and stories through various activities, such as dressing up as a favorite book character. Please join your child in his/her reading endeavor throughout the year. Your individual time with your student can make all the difference.

Reading is so important for our students, and we invite all parents to join us in making this a successful PARP year. There will be sign-up sheets at each grade's Open House or you can volunteer for a specific event as we solicit help throughout the year (through Jooners). Also, feel free to contact PARP chairs Ginny/David Hemmer at 716-688-8418 [Call: 716-688-8418] .

Our PARP program now has a Facebook page!! This site is updated regularly and will include all our information about the 2015-2016 program. Please become a "Friend" by going to: "Dodge Elementary PARP".

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