Shared Decision Making

A plan is generated annually at each school for continuous school improvement.   School-level goals are aligned with the district goals.   There are some commonalities among schools, though each school plan is unique (to meet the needs identified by staff from a variety of data sources).   

Most of the goals listed were created at the team level. These goals are data goals that correlate to our school's specific needs.  When accomplished, new short term goals will be generated  to meet the next set of student needs.  The goals included are intended to be overarching, school-wide, year-long goals.  

The school's Shared Decision Making Team (SDM) reviews the plan and identifies at least one way they can directly support one or more of the goals through increasing parent involvement.  Past projects included:

  • a book mark campaign (reading strategies taught at school were outlined on the book mark for parent and student use while reading at home)
  • a ruler campaign (math problem solving strategies taught at school were listed on the back of the ruler as a reference for homework) 
  • an  informational night, called SKILLS night were provided to parents K-4 (allowing parents to see what a guided reading lesson was like, to see how to use the online math resources in the computer lab, etc.)
  • development of a Getting Ready for Kindergarten event for parents the spring before kindergarten ( helping parents understand what the first few days of kindergarten will be like, what can be done over the summer to be as ready for kindergarten as possible, etc.) 

Below is the Dodge School Improvement Plan for this school year

SDM Goals

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