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Athletics at A Glance

Feeder Pattern for Varsity, Junior Varsity, and Modified: Williamsville East High School, Transit Middle School

Participation of high school students is consistently high, with 208 teams from Varsity, Junior Varsity, Modified, and Unified team sports.  Click here to learn more about Unified Sports from the New York State Public High School Athletic Association.

Varsity: Grades 7-12

Junior Varsity: Grades 9-10

Modified: Grades 7-8

Unified: Grades 9-12

Sports Sign-Up and Verification Via Parents WITS Account

  1. PARENTS log in to your WITS account
  2. Go to the Athletics” tab
  3. Go to “Sports sign-up”
  4. Go to “+ Add”: complete the sports sign-up information for your athlete i.e. athletic agreement, emergency contact information, health history review, etc.
  5. Follow the directions for next steps and/or completion of missing information specific to your child as indicated in WITS, click “submit”.

Please note:   Only parents may complete the sports sign-up for their athlete through their parent WITS account.  Students may not do so and do not have access via WITS. If you do not have a WITS account as a parent, please call 626-8058 to set up an account. 

Athletic Placement Process

The Athletic Placement Process testing (A.P.P.) is required by the New York State Public High School Athletic Association (NYSPHSAA) and requires your child to successfully demonstrate skill in the following areas: 

  • Push-ups or pull-ups
  • Curl ups
  • Flexibility
  • Agility run
  • 1-mile run

Please note that if your child has completed the A.P.P. test for a previous season and passed, they DO NOT need to test again, even if it was for a different sport.  Also, if your child is trying out for the golf or bowling teams, they do not need to pass the A.P.P. test.  

For additional information or questions, please refer to the A.P.P. fitness test information under “Additional Athletics Information” and/or contact your respective athletic department.

Teams and Seasons


Cheerleading (V, JV)
Cross Country (Boys/Girls – V, JV)
            Co-Ed Modified Cross Country
Field Hockey (V, JV, Mod)
Football (V, JV, Mod)
Golf (Boys/Girls – V)
Gymnastics (Girls – V)
Swimming (Girls – V)
Soccer (Boys/Girls – V, JV, Mod)
Tennis (Girls – V)
Unified Volleyball


Alpine Ski Team (V)
Basketball (Boys/Girls – V, JV, Mod)
Bowling (Boys/Girls – V, JV, Mod)
Cheerleading (V, JV)
Indoor Track (Boys/Girls – V)
Ice Hockey (Boys/Girls – V)
Swimming (Boys – V)
            Co-Ed Modified Swimming
Wrestling (V, JV)


Baseball (V, JV, Mod)
Flag Football (Girls – V)
Lacrosse (Boys/Girls – V, JV, Mod)
Softball (V, JV, Mod)
Tennis (Boys – V)
Track and Field (Boys/Girls – V, Mod)
Unified Basketball

Additional Athletics Information

Athletic Placement Process

Sudden Cardiac Arrest

NYSED Memo – Sudden Cardiac Arrest

Rules and Regulations

Concussion Management

New York State Public High School Athletics Association

Section VI

Erie County Interscholastic Conference

Sudden Cardiac Arrest Tool Kit