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Services for Students with Disabilities

Look for complete information in the College Board Services for students with disabilities (SSD) brochure and at


The College Board will provide accommodations, similar to those provided in school, for students with documented disabilities. The College Board must approve accommodations prior to testing. In order to simplify the process for schools and their students requesting testing accommodations, the College Board uses a common eligibility form for its testing programs - the PSAT/NMSQT®, the SAT® Program, and the Advanced Placement Program®. Only one SSD Student Eligibility Form needs to be submitted for each student for as long as the student remains at his/her school, unless the school indicates that accommodations have changed.

Eligibility Requirements

Student must:

  1. have a disability that necessitates testing accommodations,
  2. have documentation on file at the school that supports the need for the requested accommodations and meets the Guidelines for Documentation, and
  3. receive and utilize requested accommodations due to a disability for school-based tests.
Students who do not meet all these requirements may apply for an Appeal. See the eligibility form or for more information.


  • Students requiring Braille and cassette formats must be given the test on Tuesday, even if the school's test date for all other students is Saturday. Students approved for these formats may choose to use a reader in order to test on Saturday.
  • SSD students using Regular Type, Large Type, or Reader's Script formats should be tested on the same date as all other students at the school. Special arrangements can be made for schools testing on Saturday who would like to test all SSD students on Tuesday to accommodate Braille and cassette test users; contact the SSD office for details.
  • No SSD Student Eligibility Forms will be accepted for the PSAT /NMSQT with or after the return of answer sheets. Testing accommodations must be approved by the College Board prior to testing.

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