Library Nooks!


The Forest Library has a variety of eBooks available on Nooks.  

Guidelines for borrowing a Nook eReader from the Library:

  • Students must be in Grades 3 or 4 to borrow a Nook.
  • Students must bring a signed permission slip to Miss Flynn before borrowing a Nook, showing an agreement to take care of the device and return it safely after 2 weeks.  (Permission slips are available in the library.)
  • A Nook is considered a "bonus item" when students are checking out, so Grades 3 and 4 can borrow 4 library books at a time, plus 1 Nook if they choose.
  • Students do not need to download anything or even access Wifi - these Nooks already have multiple eBooks stored on them for hours of reading!
  • Students will treat our Nooks with care!