Image result for cartoon images of students in classroom raising handsForest's intramural program will be offered to all interested boys and girls in fourth grade.  A varied scope of activities will be provided throughout the year  under the direction of the Physical Education teachers, Mrs.Valley and Mr. Ball.

It is important to note that this is a club.  It is not mandatory for students to attend.  If for some reason that Mr. Ball and Mrs. Valley have been experiencing problems in Physical Education class with your son or daughter, they will not be allowed to come to intramurals.  This has been discussed within their PE class.  Students must be respectful, follow all directions and participate regularly during each PE class.

Due to district meetings, after school responsibilities and family commitments, it is imperative that parents agree to pick up their children on time.  All students must be picked up at 3:00!  Please pick up at the second main entrance facing N. Forest.  If you cannot make this committment, please do not sign your child up for intramurals.  The office is also not responsible for supervising students that are not picked up on time.

If problems arise with a child being picked up late continually, we will then ask that the child be dismissed from the program.  It is also important to note that bus transportation will not be provided; therefore, parents must make necessary arrangments for children to get home.  In addition, crossing guards will not be on duty at 3:00.

All students need sneakers to participate in.  Dress shoes, platforms, sandals, boots etc.. are not allowed due to safety reasons.

Intramural Dates Third Session Only
Tuesdays (Group 1) Thursdays (Group 2)
 April 10
 April 12
 April 17
 April 19
 April 24
 April 26
 May 1
 May 3
 May 8
 May 10
 May 15
 May 17



Please have a ride at 3:00 and

  wear your sneakers