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Welcome to Locker Room News!

"Play Like A Champion Today!"
~Notre Dame Fighting Irish~

Communication is key to any class! Please remind your son or daughter to wear comfortable clothing to move in during physical education class. It is also important to have SNEAKERS at all times while in the gym. Dress shoes, sandals, platforms, crocs, boots etc... are not allowed even if they have rubber soles, sneakers are a must! By having sneakers, this ensures safety and students can fully participate. 

Please view the curriculum extension schedule page to find out what "day" it is (PE, Music, Art, Library).  We suggest to keep a pair of sneakers in the classroom or in student book bags, so they are prepared for PE.  The curriculum extension schedule has many changes due to holidays, field trips, assemblies and snow days.   

In our opinion, we believe that sports make better students.  We've experienced it ourselves as athletes growing up, and more recently have seen it with our own kids. Playing with a team increases confidence and motivates kids to aim for higher education.  Kids who play sports learn values and life lessons that extend well beyond the playing field.  

When sports are paired with education, even more incredible things happen.  Student athletes are absent from school 50% less than non-athletes and have fewer discipline problems.  They have an 11% higher graduation rate and are four times more likely to attend college.  

Please encourage your son or daughter to seek out the numerous sport opportunities our community provides. We are so fortunate to have a variety activities to choose from.   
If you have any questions about Forest's PE program, please feel to contact Mrs. Valley or Mr. Ball anytime.