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Students will receive report cards in January and June.  A rubric is used to give students a score for each skill(s). 
1 = needs improvement                                                                                                            

2 = developing the skill
3 = meets or exceeds curriculum expectations

The Physical Education report card focuses on:

  • Character Education (respectful, works cooperatively, good sportsmanship, follows directions and class expectations, comes prepared for class)
  • Balance (Maintain balance while stationary and moving in an activity)
  • Gross Motor Skills (hop, skip, gallop, slide, run)
  • Fundamental Motor Skills (throw, catch, kick)
  • Fitness (curl ups, push ups, cardio, flexed arm hang/pull ups)
  • Safe Travel in Large Group Activities (move without bumping into anyone or anything.  This includes the strategies of spacing, timing and position in group activities or games)