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Social Studies



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Name the 7 continents.

More About the Continents

2.    Name 15 world countries.  

Country Maps

3. Name 15 major world cities.   World Cities

Name 15 types of dwellings.

10 types of dwellings

5. Name 10 South American and Central American countries.  

South America Country Map     Central America Map

6. Name 10 countries bordering the Pacific Ocean.  

Country Maps

7. Name 10 countries in Europe.

European Countries    Quiz Yourself

Click on the correct European country game

8. Name 10 countries in Africa.

African countries     Quiz Yourself

9. Name 10 major bodies of water.   Oceans and Seas
10. Name 10 major world rivers.  

Principal Rivers of the World     River Systems of the World

11. Name 10 large deserts of the world.

Fact Monster deserts of the world     Desert maps

12. Name 10 large lakes.  

U.S.     Lakes of the world

13. Name 10 major mountains or mountain ranges.

Highest Peaks

14. Name the 50 states.   50 States List      50 States Quiz
15. Write the names of the 50 states on a map.   Explore the States    U.S. Map to Label
16. Name the state capitals.  

State Capitals - Homework Spot

17. Name the 13 Colonies.  

13 Colonies   13 Colonies Quiz & Map

18. Name 10 Native American tribes. Native American Nations
19 Name 10 Oregon Trail landmarks.   Historic Sites Along the Oregon Trail
20. Label 10 Oregon counties on the map.   Oregon Blue Book Counties Home Page
21. Name the state symbols of Oregon.   Oregon Symbols 1    Oregon Symbols 2    Oregon Symbols 3
22. Name 8 explorers.   Zoom Explorers
23. Name 8 Civil War battlefields.

Civil War Battlefields & Information   Civil War Battlefields A to Z

24. Name the 1st - 10th presidents in order.  

Info Please Almanac Presidents

25. Name the 11th  - 20th presidents in order.   Info Please Almanac Presidents
26. Name the 21st - 30th presidents in order.   Info Please Almanac Presidents
27. Name the 31st - current presidents.  

Info Please Almanac Presidents