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Attendance/ Health Office


Punctual and regular attendance is very important in order for your child to achieve his/her best in school. Should your child be absent, a written excuse is necessary upon return to school. This could pertain to personal illness as well as other absences such as religious holidays or family emergencies. Daily attendance is used by the New York State Education Department in determining state aide assistance for schools.

District policy mandates that a time span of five days be given to bring in an excuse. After this time, if we have not received the excuse, your child will be marked unexcused. After 9 days of absence or excessive tardiness a letter will be sent to alert you and included in your child’s file.

Please call the attendance office (626-8682) to notify the school of your child’s absence. It is the parent’s responsibility to send a written note on the first day back after an absence. Our attendance aide will call parents of children not in school on their first day of absence unless the office has been notified.  Homework:  Parents may request to pick up assignments after the second day of illness.


Parents receive a calendar listing official school holidays. State education law requires that students attend school every day it is in session unless they are excused. It is considered an unexcused absence when children are taken out of school for vacation during the regular school session. Please understand that we cannot provide extra work or make-up work that will prepare your child in the same way that class work does. Homework: All classroom work that is missed will be given to students when they return to school.


When a student is late for school, the parent is required to sign in at the Attendance Office before the child proceeds to class. Parents must accompany children into the school.