Healthy Celebrations

Healthy Choices in School

Lunchtime, Snacks and Nutrition

Just a reminder that we request that parents not bring in a purchased fast food meal for their child at lunch time. We also ask that any food purchased or brought in is only for your own child.  There are children with allergies and other health related food restrictions that you may not be aware of.

We recognize your good intentions, but these procedures are necessary for the safety of all children.  Thank you so much for your sensitivity and cooperation in this area.

Healthy Celebrations
Promoting a Healthy School Environment

Birthday parties and celebrations at school provide a unique opportunity to help make healthful eating fun and exciting for children.  To promote healthy eating, WCSD Child Nutrition Services introduced a "Healthy Celebrations" program which offers convenient, healthy choices for classroom celebrations.

Healthy Celebrations Order Form

Letter to Families - Healthy Changes in the Student Dining Room

Our school made changes that focuses more on students sound nutritional choices and developing healthy life-long eating habits.  Our school district has always taken nutritional choices and healthy eating options seriously. Now, our schools will become ‘learning labs’ where students will be encouraged to try new fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and bean side dishes via samplings and lunch servings in our student dining room.