Koko & All Ball

3koko_and_allball1Koko the gorilla lived in the San Francisco Zoo and she was lonely.  She knew how to use sign language, so she asked for a cat.  The zookeepers gave her a stuffed cat.  That's not wanted she wanted, though...she wanted a REAL one!  Finally, on her birthday, Koko got a real kitten.  She named him All Ball, and he was a grey manx kitten.  Koko took care of All Ball just like he was a baby gorilla.  Koko groomed All Ball.  They played and cuddled together all the time.  Sadly, All Ball was hit by a car and killed about six months later.  Koko signed words like "bad", "sad", "frown" and "cry".  When Koko felt better, she got a new kitten and named her Lips Lipstick.  Since then, Koko has had more kittens, including Smoky, Miss Black and Miss Gray.