Safi & Wister

3safiSafi and Wister met on a ranch in Wyoming.  Safi the dog wanted to be friends right away, but Wister the donkey wasn't so sure!  When Safi ran over to Wister, Wister ran at her and turned and kicked.  Safi didn't give up, though.  The next day, Wister stayed on one side of the fence and Safi stayed on the other.  The two began chasing each other on opposite sides of the fence! After some time, Wister began to feel more comfortable with Safi and they were able to play together on the same side of the fence.  They love to chase and nip each other. They share the same food bowl and take naps together.  Safi taught Wister to fetch a stick and carry it around. When Safi and her owner go on hikes, Wister follows them.  In the morning, Wister stands outside the house and brays until Safi comes out to play.