Dreams for the Future

In library class, we read a story called The girl who buried her dreams in a can by Dr. Tererai Trent.  It is a true story about Tererai, who grew up in a small village in Zimbabwe.  When she was young, girls didn't even learn how to read!  Tererai was determined, though, and she learned to read.  She also wrote down four dreams for her future and buried them in can.  Her dreams were:                             
1. To study in America
2. To earn a bachelor's degree
3. To earn a Master's degree
4. To earn a doctorate

Terarai achieved all these goals, and later went back to her small village to build a brand new school!
We thought about our dreams for the future.  Here are our hopes and dreams...
                                                                                          Mrs. Armstrong/Buonanno's Class
                                                                                        Miss Sheehan's Class


                                                                                             Mrs. Foster's Class

                                                                                                Mrs. Milne's Class

                                                                                                  Mrs. Pope's Class