A noun is a person, place, thing, or idea. Click on the links below to practice and learn more about nouns.

Related Links

  • Noun Dunk Tell whether the word on the basketball is a common noun, proper noun, or not a noun. If you are correct, you will make a basket. If you are incorrect, you will have to try again.
  • Grammar Blast Nouns! This is a quiz about nouns. They will give you a sentence and ask what word is the noun. You will need to choose the correct word from the multiple choice answers. If you are correct, they will award you 10 points. If you are incorrect, it will ask you to try again.
  • Noun Finder In this game, you need to click the word before it fades away if it is a noun. Some words can take different forms. Example block can take the form of a noun or a verb. Click all words that can act as a noun.
  • Brain Pop Video on Nouns This is a great review of nouns. You can watch the movie and then take the quiz. There are also other activities you may wish to use. The school username is millms and the password is wcsd.
  • Noun Explorer In this game you will need to click on the correct plural spelling or correct abbreviation to replace the word or words in parenthesis. You will travel through a cave of stone wonders. If you answer correctly, you will move on in the cave and come to another question. If you are incorrect, you will reach a dead end and have to try a different question.
  • Grammar Gold Nouns Quiz You start by reading the lesson on nouns or clicking on the speaker to have it read to you. Then you go on to take the quiz about nouns. It is a multiple choice question and it will tell you if you are correct or wrong.
  • Plural Nouns Fish Game You will be given a word. You will need to input the correct plural form of the word to fill in the page with colorful fish. This is very hard. They are all nouns that do not follow the rules. You may use a dictionary.
  • Plural Play Tic Tack Toe This is a two person tick tack toe game. (You could play both sides if you wanted.) It will give you a word and you will need to drag the singular noun to the correct ending to make it plural.
  • The Plural Girls In this game you can choose the difficulty level at which you would like to play. I suggest start out easy and then try the more difficult ones. In the multiple choice section, they will give you the singular form of a word and you will need to choose the correct plural form of the word.
  • See and Spell Plurals Look at each picture. Click and drag the letters into the grey box to spell the word. Click on the Check Work Button to check your answer. This game has 10 questions.
  • Nouns Tutorial This is a tutorial that tells you the definition of a noun and gives you examples.
  • Quia Noun Review This is a jeopardy game that asks questions about nouns.
  • Nouns Jeopardy game In this game you can play alone or choose up to four teams. It only has three categories common and proper nouns, plural nouns, and compound nouns. It gives you multiple choice answers and tells you if you are correct or not.
  • Noun Sort Concrete and Abstract In this game you need to grab the noun and drag it to the correct category of concrete or abstact noun. If you are correct, it will stay there. If you are incorrect, it will go back to the top.
  • Noun Attack! There is a deadly skull hidden in one of the nouns, and it's coming to get you. As the nouns advance, click on the noun hiding the skull to shoot it. You will know your target noun because it is either an ABSTRACT NOUN (round 1) or a COLLECTIVE NOUN (round 2). The other nouns are innocent words holding bunches of beautiful flowers. Don't shoot them! You can only make ONE mistake each round, and you must finish the round before the nouns reach you. Each round gets harder.
  • Singular or Plural Game Sort the words into singular and plural. Match the singular with it's plural and choose presents for Lucy if you are correct. When you choose the present, you need to drag it down into the box not to Lucy. If you are wrong, it will tell you to check you answers and try again.
  • Quia Matching Singular and Plural Match the correct singular form of the word to the correct plual form of the word.
  • Bug Catcher Singular and Plural Make the lizard eat nouns that are in the correct plural form. You can move the lizard using the right and left arrow keys. To open it's mouth press the up arrow key or the space bar. To close his mouth press the down arrow key.
  • Brain Pop Jr. Possessive Nouns This is the Brain Pop Jr. video about possissive nouns. Username-millms password-wcsd
  • Brain Pop Possessives This is a Brain Pop video about possessives. username- millms password-wcsd
  • Possessive Noun Play This is a two person tic-tack-toe game using possessive nouns. You will be given a phrase. Then you need to drag the noun to the correct possessive ending. If you are correct you will get to keep the square.