A verb is the part of speech (or word class) that describes an action or occurrence or indicates a state of being.


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  • Helping Verbs Rags to Riches Choose the correct helping verb(s) for each sentence. When you are correct, you earn money. If you are incorrect, you will need to start over. I hope you become a millionaire.
  • Helping Verb Quiz Take the helping verb quiz. Read the sentence then click on the helping verb(s) in the sentence. Remember a sentence may have up to three helping verbs. It will tell you the correct answers at the end.
  • Verbs in Space This is a fun website to brush up on your verb skills. You use a mallet to click on the robot that is holding a verb on it to "whack" it. It will tell you if you are incorrect. When you are correct it moves to the next round.
  • Pick-it: Verbs You will need to wait for an eight second commercial to pass, but it is worth it to play. In this game you need to help the dinosaur cross the bridge by clicking on the correct verb to finish the sentence below. It tells you if your are correct or incorrect.
  • Action Verb Quiz An action verb is a verb that tells what action someone or something is performing. In this quiz, you need to add the action verbs to the sentences. It is multiple choice. If you choose the correct answer, it will congratulate you. If you choose the incorrect answer, it will show you the correct one and give you another question. Good luck.
  • Grammar Blast Verbs! This is an multiple choice online quiz. You will need to choose the correct answer of the verb in the sentence.
  • Grammar Gorrillas This is a quiz where it will ask you to click on the noun or verb. If you are correct, it will congratulate you. If you are incorrect, it will show you the correct answer.
  • U-tube Song About Verbs This is a song on U-tube about verbs that may help you to remember what a verb is.
  • Helping Verbs Blues This is a song on U-tube called the "Helping Verbs Blues" that may help you understand what a helping verb is.
  • We Have Been Working On Our Verbs Song This is a song on U-tube called "We Have Been Working On Our Verbs" that may help you remember what verbs are.