Area & Perimeter

Area is the number of square units it takes to fill a polygon. Perimeter is the distance around a polygon.

Click on the links below to practice and learn about perimiter and area.

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  • Funbrain Shape Surveyor In this website you will be shown a rectangle with the dimensions labeled. You must calculate the area or perimeter of the rectangle. You may choose just area, just perimeter or a combination. There are also four levels of difficulty to choose from easy, medium, hard, or superbrain. For each problem you get correct, you will receive a piece of an archeological puzzle. The game is over when you get all the puzzle pieces.
  • Finding the Area and Perimeter of rectangles In this website Amy and her brother, Ben, explain how to find the area and perimeter of rectangles and show you how changing the perimeter of a rectangle affects its area. After the lesson, you have an opportunity to measure the length and width of a variety of rectangles using an online ruler. You will also be given the opportunity to calculate the area and perimeter of each.
  • Area of a Rectangle Example In this website you can click and drag the orange dots on a rectangle to move and resize the rectangle. As the size of the rectangle changes, the area is recalculated. It is really interesting to see how the area changes in relation to the length and width. Have fun exploring.