Williamsville Central School District

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Board rescinds its action on naming of athletic fields

At its meeting July 5, the Williamsville Board of Education rescinded a previous action that named the new high school athletic fields. On June 13, the Board voted to name the Williamsville North High School athletic complex for Superintendent Scott Martzloff; the new Williamsville East field for the late Dr. James Rusin; and the new Williamsville South field after retiring Athletic Director Kevin Lester. Wednesday night, newly elected Board President Shawn Lemay called on the board to rescind that action, which he supported at the time.  

“I firmly believe the board made a mistake. I know I made a mistake,” he said. “I think something like this needs to be in the community’s hands.”

Dr. Martzloff, who declined the nomination in June, spoke to the process that led to the field naming. “It was rushed. It was a bad process,” he said. “I have no interest in it. I would never want anyone in this community to think the reason we put on the ballot to spend $27 million on new athletic fields in our district was so that I could have my name on one.”

The board agreed to reach out to the families Dr. Rusin and Mr. Lester about its recent action. The board’s full discussion is available to view online by clicking on the link below.

July 5, 2017 Board Meeting Video