Williamsville Central School District

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Transit Engineering & Technology Club builds learning tool for classmates

Members of the Transit Engineering and Technology Club were informed by teacher Mrs. Khreis that a student needed some help holding her book and turning pages.  The club students, representating grades 5-8, knew that they wanted to help.

“First we had to figure out what a book slant board was and what it looked like, then we had to figure out how to build one. We never did anything like this before, but it was a great opportunity for our Engineering and Technology Club members to spring into action” said Mr. Arnold, club advisor.

Thanks to Mrs. Khreis, the Engineering and Technology club students were able to base their design on a picture of a slant board that she had provided. 

After the design work was complete, the plywood was cut and assembled.  The prototype was delivered to Mrs. Khreis for student testing and it worked great!  The project was such a success that Mrs. Khreis requested a second one for another student that was delivered the following week.

Transit tech club
Members of Transit's Engineering and Technology Club create a board slant for fellow classmates.

Tabotha board slant recipient
Transit student utilizes her board slant created by the Engineering and Technology Club.

Michael board slant students
Another Transit student smiles while using his new board slant created by the Transit Engineering and Technology Club.