Williamsville Central School District

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District unveils plans for new capital project

At the June 12 Board of Education meeting,  Superintendent Scott Martzloff provided an overview of a new capital project proposal designed to improve the district's music facilities and add infrastructure to support Williamsville's award-winning music program.

According to Dr. Martzloff, the project would include major construction at each of the three high schools, adding and enhancing music instruction space. The auditoriums would undergo overhauls and classroom space would be expanded. The plan also includes moderate renovation of the music space at all four middle schools.  "Student enrollment in the music program has dramatically increased since our high schools were built," he said. "For example, our schools were not designed to accommodate the space required for an orchestra." The project aslo would address improvements in technology and acoustical treatments to improve student learning. 

 Both school-based and district-level work groups have been working with architects, the construction manager, and acoustical consultants,  to define the project scope and develop improvement plans specific to each school. The estimated project cost is $36.6 million. The district would use its long-standing level debt service plan to take on new debt without affecting the general fund budget. As a result, there would be no tax increas associated with the project. The project would also be eligible for state building aid, which would bring state tax dollars to Williamsville.

The proposed timeline calls for a special community vote in December. Project completion is expected to take three to four years.

Dr. Martzloff's presentation is available online, and you can watch the meeting video to hear the school board's discussion about the project.

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