Shared Decision Making


                                                                                          Meeting Dates (all meetings start @ 3pm):
 Andre Thomas - Principal                                                                September 11, 2018
 Michael Mistretta - Teacher                                                          October 9, 2018
 Amy Glover - Teacher                                                                        November 6, 2018
 TBD - Teacher                                                                                        December 11, 2018
 Taunya Abaya - Parent                                                                      January 8, 2019
 Francie Marzec - Parent                                                                   February 12, 2019
 Helaine Sanders - Parent                                                                 March 12, 2019
 Tom Lucia - Community Member                                               April 9, 2019
 Elizabeth Bastible - Student                                                          May 14, 2019
 Taylor Stover - Student
 Amy Nicolia - Support Staff

Mission Statement:
We are a representative group of  the Williamsville North Community who agree to convene in order to plan,  problem-solve and set direction for the improvement of student achievement and  character development at Williamsville North High School. We are committed to a safe, respectful, and nurturing learning climate that fosters students to achieve their fullest potential academically, emotionally, physically and creatively. Our purpose is to positively impact education and allow for personal growth of all students at Williamsville North so that they can become the leaders of tomorrow and shape the future. 

Operating Principles:
As team members, we will act as equal partners with the responsibility and accountability for planning and making decisions. We will arrive at decisions by the consensus model. We will publicly support all decisions made by consensus. We will respect each member of the team, as well as the nature of the issue discussed. We will endeavor to base our decisions upon research and data whenever possible. 

Goals / Plans:
We continue to confront issues that are relevant and that could make a positive impact on the school's learning environment. Currently, we are in the process of taking on a new initiative with the theme of service. 

  • Utilizing our ties to the community, we are working to provide students with opportunities to volunteer their time and give back to the school and greater Williamsville community. 
  • As part of the above, we will be consolidating and updating our current list of volunteer organizations and events with our Counseling Department.  This list will then be published to WITS.  Additionally, at least 1-2 events will be highlighted each month and featured on the WITS homepage as well as on digital signage around the school.
  • Quarterly WITS notification reminders will be developed to remind students to update their My Resume section with updated service hours.
  • We will launch our revamped SDM webpage in conjunction with the above initiatives to assist with promoting awareness of these volunteering opportunities as well as better educating the public of our SDM Team’s work. 

Communications Plan:
To identify and discuss defining characteristics of the Shared Decision Making team in accordance with the Plan for Participation in an effort to develop our unique vision and potential for success. 

  • To improve and expand our communication and information sharing with the North community at large; we will disseminate information in a coordinated way through faculty meetings and visitations with the PTSA and Board of Education
  • We will write columns periodically for various newsletters including the PTSA HighLights and the North Newsletter
  • We will continue to update our Williamsville North WEB link, adding key information to the SDM front page
  • We will update whenever appropriate: meeting minutes, bulletin boards, North Notes and email (internal communication with faculty and staff), faculty and student handbooks, and WITS
  • We will ask SDM committee members to seek opportunities to communicate directly with their constituencies, including annual reports at PTSA meetings. We will also deliver periodic updates through the morning announcements and WITS. In addition, we will present publicly at Student Council / Link Crew meetings, faculty and staff meetings, and school-wide assemblies where appropriate
  • We will encourage participation in the SDM committee, asking student leadership officers to encourage interested members to attend a Shared Decision Making Committee meeting
  • We will also continue our efforts to expand communication and information sharing with Casey and Heim Middle Schools through the use of various contacts and liaisons.

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