Williamsville Central School District

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SDM Membership

Shared Decision Making Teams are representative of all stakeholders in the school community so that broad perspectives can influence decision-making.

Membership on the District Shared Decision Making Team

  • 1     Superintendent of Schools
  • 1     Assistant Superintendent for Instruction
  • 3     Building Administrators (selected by Williamsville Administrators Association)
  • 3     Teachers (selected by Williamsville Teachers Association)
  • 3     Parents (selected by Parent Teacher Association Council)
  • 1     SEPTSA Parent (selected by Special Education Parent Teacher Association)
  • 1     Board of Education Member (selected by Board of Education)
  • 1     High School Student (selected by Interhigh Council)
  • 1     Business/Community Representative (selected by an Ad Hoc committee of community reps)
  • 1     Support Staff Member (selected by Williamsville Association of Educationally Related Personnel and the Williamsville Transportation Association)
Membership on a School Building SDM Team

For K-8:
  • 3     Parents (selected by the Parent Teacher Association)
  • 3     Instructional Staff (selected by the Williamsville Teachers Association)
  • 1     Building Principal
  • 1     Support Staff (selected by Building Support Staff)
  • 1     Business/Community Member (selected by an Ad Hoc group of community reps)
  • 1     High School Student (recommended not required)
For 9-12
    Same as K-8 with the addition of
  • 1     High School Student (selected by Interhigh Council)
  • 1     Recent Graduate recommended, not required (selected by the Building Team)
Would you like to be a member of a Team?

If you are a community member and would like to participate on a team, you need to be an adult living or working in the school attendance area.

You are enthusiastically invited to contact Helen Meosky, chairperson of the District SDM team at 716-741-0221 or hdrew@buffalo.edu