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Civility, Citizenship, and Character Education

In October 1995 the Board of Education adopted as a district goal the development of a process to formalize and improve our efforts in character education. This goal was tied to the district’s Strategic Plan as well as the New York State K-12 Social Studies Learning Standards and Essential Skills and Dispositions document. A review of research indicated that efforts to promote character education are best accomplished through an infusion of directed activities rather than an “add-on” program. Such activities include school and community projects, cooperative learning experiences, the in-depth study of American history, positive discipline, student participation in rule setting and decision making, and the study of literature.

In March 1996 the Board approved the formation of a District Character Education Study Group representing teachers, parents, students and the Board of Education. The Study Group met during the spring and summer of 1996 to develop an operational definition, collect information on our current activities and review other local and national programs.  In November of 1996, they submitted a Character Education Plan to the Board of Education.

The action plan included the establishment of a district-wide Facilitating Group made up of staff and parent representatives from all thirteen district schools.

This group worked on four objectives:

  • Develop a character education policy
  • Communicate efforts to the school community
  • Integrate service learning in grades K-12
  • Assist building shared decision making groups in planning building level activities that promote both high academic achievement and positive character development

Civility, Citizenship, and Character Education

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