Williamsville Central School District

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Board Policy

Character Education Policy

The Board of Education defines character education as the conscious effort of families, schools and community groups to teach, advocate, and model ethical behavior.

The Board affirms that one of the most important functions of schools is to reflect and reinforce positive character traits and to teach the rights and responsibilities of citizenship. High standards of conduct are closely related to high levels of academic achievement; moreover, such standards are a requirement for effective participation in a democratic society.

Schools strive to develop behavior which reflects widely held community values, including but not limited to: honesty, respect, responsibility, compassion, self-discipline, perseverance and giving to others. In accepting the responsibility to help all students develop their unique potential and character, the District is not usurping the role of families or other institutions in the community, but seeking to work in partnership with them.

In order to maintain a learning and working environment which supports character development, it is expected that Board members, administrators, staff, students, and volunteers in the schools will recognize their role as models for others, consistently exemplifying and enforcing high standards of respect and responsibility. Teachers will incorporate character education as it arises naturally in the curriculum, in interactions with others, and in all school activities.

-- Policy #8242, Adopted by the Board of Education on June 9, 1997