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Funding Request Guidelines

When is it permissible for the District to request funds from students/parents for student activities during the school year?

The following information is provided to help clarify what the District is required to fund: 

School Curriculum
The District is responsible to provide educational materials to students that will allow them to complete their course work. Items such as textbooks, computer software programs, math calculators, science materials, and art & technical program items are provided to students as part of the educational program.  A request for funding from students and parents for core curriculum school day activities should not occur in most situations. 

It is appropriate for schools to request that students are prepared for their classes by bringing in classroom supplies. Items such as pencils, markers, crayons, tablet paper, folders, etc. are all examples of general school supplies that are the responsibility of students and their parents. 

Specific Class/Course Supplies
Certain classes require special supplies that the district is responsible to provide to students. The curricular areas where this occurs are art, technology-shop, home & careers, science, and certain photography classes. The District is responsible to provide standard-quality supplies for student use. If a student wishes to bring in their own supplies for the course, they may do so. 

Specific Class/Course Books & Review Books
The curriculum for certain courses requires the use of paperback books and review books. When a paperback book is required as part of a course's core curriculum, the District is responsible for providing the book to students. This does not change if students are required to annotate in the paperback book if required by the course. The District does NOT purchase review books for students.  Students are responsible to purchase subject review books. 

Extracurricular Activities
Extracurricular activity programs occur after the school day has ended. These programs are funded by student-driven initiatives. It is permissible for students and parents to be asked to fund a student's participation in extracurricular activities. 

School Day Field Trips
A field trip that occurs during the school day that is directly related to a student's class curriculum is funded by the District. This funding includes student admission and bus transportation. The District is not responsible to purchase food or lunch for students who are on a field trip during the school day. 

Celebratory or Recreational Field Trips (when school is not in session)
Per District policy #8460, celebratory trips or other trips that are recreational in nature may take place only when school is not in regular session and may not occur during the instructional day. Such trips are not funded by the school district. 

School trips that do not occur during the school day
The District does not fund student trips that occur outside of the school day. Extracurricular clubs normally organize the trips. Student participation is voluntary. 

Fundraising in school is governed by Board of Education policies #3271 (Solicitation of Charitable Donations) and #7450 (Fundraising by Students). Fundraising may occur in schools as long as it complies with these policies. 

Classroom Activities
Throughout the school year, there may be classroom activities that are not associated with the core curriculum of the class. The funding of the non-core curriculum activities is not the responsibility of the District. The District may request families to provide funds for special classroom/school celebrations. In these situations, contributions by students/parents is voluntary.

The District is responsible to provide uniforms and bus transportation to all team games. A uniform is what a student is required to wear at the event to represent the Williamsville Central School District. As an example, a modified team may wear a t-shirt that states they are representing theDistrict. The purchase of the t-shirt is the responsibility of the District.