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Mr. Quill
Williamsville South High School

Required Texts & Materials
#2 Pencils with Erasers, Blue/Black/Red Ink Pens, Binder

Course Description
Programming, Web Design, and Creating Mobile Applications are all part of this exciting student centered course that explores everything to do with computer science - one of the fastest growing fields in our modern world. Students will be introduced to topics such as algorithm development, problem solving, and programming while exploring the current and evolving world of computer science. Snap! and Javascript (using will be used to introduce programming concepts  and students will learn how to create a web page using HTML and CSS.

Grading Policy
Classwork/Participation (30%) – Students will be assigned various tasks to check their understanding. This includes both assignments that will be completed in class as well as readings and discussion questions that students will be required to complete at home. During some units, students will be completing approximately three  lessons each week through and Students  will be required to complete these lessons prior to their in-class days of the hybrid schedule. It is strongly encouraged that students complete one lesson each day they are at home (Group A: W/Th/F, Group B: M/T/W). 

Projects (40%) – Projects will be assigned almost every week. Directions and rubrics for each project will be posted on Google Classroom.

Assessments (30%) – Paper and pencil quizzes will normally be given every other week on students’ second in-class day. They will be returned and discussed the next day students return to South. Virtual quizzes will also be given through for students to complete at home.

Availability of Grades
Grades are available at You are responsible for checking your grades and advising me of any discrepancy. On wits, a notation of M means the assignment is missing (and counting as a zero) and must be completed and turned in as soon as possible.

Parent tip:
Google Classroom allows parents to receive updates on student progress.  If you wish, please complete this survey.
Parent Contact Information and Google Classroom Notification Sign Up

Seeking My Help
I understand that not all students learn at the same pace and that at times, you might need extra assistance in understanding certain topics or concepts.  PLEASE let me know as soon as there is something that you do not understand completely via WITS mail or a Google Classroom comment. I will do everything I can to help! You can expect to receive a reply within 24 hours on school days.

Student Responsibilities

  1. On in-class days, please arrive to class on time and with all necessary materials.

    • You are to use passing time if you need to use the bathroom or get a drink. 

    • You will not be allowed to leave class unless it is an emergency

    • If you arrive late, please come in quietly and present me with a pass.

    • Have a positive attitude.  Come in, ready to learn and with a good attitude.

  1. Please show respect for yourself, the materials, and ALL other people in our classroom.

    • You are required to wear a mask at all times (with the exception of designated mask breaks).

    • Be polite and always use your manners.

    • It is not appropriate in our class to use bad language.  Besides the obvious, I do not want to hear comments that put others down or that are offensive.

    • Food, drinks, iPods, and Cell Phones are not allowed in class.  No Excuses!

    • Use your materials appropriately and with care. There are several classes in my room over the course of the day, so please pick up after yourself, and leave everything in the same condition in which you found it.

    • I expect you to follow these guidelines regardless of whether or not I am in class.  This means that you will treat a substitute or any other adult with the same amount of respect.

  1. Please raise your hand to contribute or ask questions and wait to be called on.

    • This goes along with being polite.  We cannot learn if everyone is talking at once. Therefore we need to take turns and not interrupt others.

    • I also expect you to listen to what everyone has to say and NOT speak while another individual is talking.

  1. Please remain seated until the teacher dismisses you, NOT the bell!

    • At the end of class I will not dismiss you until everything is put away, EVERY student is seated, and EVERY student is quiet.

    • I like to give instructions at the end of class, so it is very important to listen to what is being said.

  1. It is your responsibility to check our Google Classroom for daily and weekly assignments.

    • I will be posting our weekly plans on my teacher dashboard on Google Classroom under the “Classwork” tab. Parents, a copy of these plans can be found at under Math and Quill. These plans will include links to video lesson assignments and other learning activities.

    • I encourage you to download the Google Classroom app to your cell phone and to turn on notifications. This will allow you to receive alerts when I assign something new.

    • We will be utilizing the class comments section of Google Classroom. If you have questions on a video lesson or concept we cover in class, please post your question for me to help! I receive alerts to my cell phone when a student makes a post, so this is a quick way to get extra help.

  1. Please demonstrate the same behavior for any virtual classes/lessons that you would in school. This includes Zoom and Google Meet calls. Participants in video conferences and everyone in the vicinity of the video must:

    • wear clothing that is appropriate for school.

    • use language that would be appropriate in a school setting.

    • be on time and ready to participate. 

    • check that the background appearing on screen is free of any items that would not be appropriate in a school setting.

    • use their own name when signing in to the conference.

    • be in an environment conducive for learning, such as at a desk or table or sitting on a couch or chair. 

    • keep themselves and their devices stationary during the conference.

    • respect the direction of the organizer of the conference regarding whether the video is on or off and whether mics are on or muted.

    • ensure that a parent or guardian is aware they will be participating in a video conference.

    • notify any household members in the vicinity that a video conference is occurring and that their image may be seen and their voices may be heard.

    • be mindful that the chat feature may be visible by other participants.

    • respect the privacy of others by not recording or taking pictures of any portion of the conference.

    • be aware of background noise and use a headset when necessary to prevent disrupting the conference.

    • make their teachers aware of any concerns they have about online interactions.

    • be mindful of the attire of any small children who may be in the vicinity of a video conference.

Organization tip:
If you wish to see what you have to work on in each of your classes, don’t forget to take advantage of the Google Classroom Calendar.

During our in-class school days, we have many discussions and extra practice to enhance student understanding and learning of the material.  If you are absent it is somewhat difficult to make up what we do in class.  However, I fully understand that absences occur due to illness, family emergencies, or appointments.  If you know in advance that you are going to be absent, please let me know.  This will allow me to gather any materials that you are going to miss for you ahead of time.  

  • Your grade will be negatively affected by not completing class work done while you were absent!

Things to Remember

  • You are ALL capable of doing well in my class; you just need to put forth the effort, stay on top of your work, and see me at any time that you need help.

  • Not everyone learns at the same pace, or thinks in the same way, so please be patient with every other individual.

  • There is a polite way to say and do anything, so please find it and use it.

  • Nothing feels better than success AND nothing feels better to me than seeing you succeed and accomplish your goals.

  • I Am A Successful Teacher ONLY When You Are Successful!

The Williamsville South High School Academic Integrity Policy as stated in the Code of Conduct and Student Handbook applies to all work completed in this course.

When you have finished reading these expectations, please complete This Google Form indicating you have read and understand  these expectations.