Mr. Quill
Williamsville South High School

Course Description: 

This is a one-year credit-bearing course that counts towards a student’s mathematical commencement requirements and meets New York State’s mathematics requirements towards earning a Regents Diploma or a Regents Diploma with Advanced Designation. It is aligned to the Common Core Learning Standards and is intended to be the second year of a three year sequence. This course employs an integrated approach to the study of connecting algebra to geometric relationships and proofs. Properties of triangles, quadrilaterals, and circles will receive particular attention. Congruence and similarity of triangles will be established using appropriate theorems; transformations including rotations, reflections, translations, and glide reflections and coordinate geometry will be used to establish and verify geometric relationships; and topics in trigonometry extending to three-dimensional geometry will be explored. Students will sit for a Regents Examination.

Student Assessment:

Class Participation (10%) – Students are expected to be prepared for class with the required materials listed above. Students should be actively engaged (taking notes and asking questions) from the moment they enter the classroom until the moment they are dismissed. Students will be given class time to work independently and students should take full advantage of this time to begin assignments.

Homework (20%) – Homework will be assigned every night and discussed the following class period. Homework is graded on a 3 point basis at the beginning of each class and can not be subsequently completed for credit unless absent.

Quizzes (20%) – Several quizzes are given each unit as described in each unit’s outline. Quizzes are discussed the next class period and your lowest quiz grade of the quarter is dropped.  If you are absent the day a quiz is given, you are expected to make it up before class the next day, otherwise you will receive a zero.

Tests (50%) – Tests are given at the end of each unit and must be completed during class. No extra time will be given during free periods (unless documented in an IEP).

Availability of Grades:

Quiz and test grades are updated daily and are available at Homework grades will be updated weekly and Participation points will be inputted every 5 weeks. You are responsible for checking your grades and advising me of any discrepancy. If you find a discrepancy, you must provide me with a copy of the paper in question. On wits, a notation of 0ABS means absent on that day or 0AWA means absent on the day the work was assigned. The zero will be appropriately updated when you complete the work.

 Student Responsibilities:

  1. Please arrive to class on time and with all necessary materials.  If you arrive late, please come in quietly and present me with a pass.  Everyday there will be a warm-up posted for you to do as you enter the class. You are to complete the warm-up without talking. Warm-ups will sometimes be replaced by a quiz. They are extremely important. In addition to completing that day’s warm-up, you are responsible for pulling out your homework in order to be checked.   Have a positive attitude. Math is only going to be as fun as you make it. Come in, ready to learn and with a good attitude.
  2. Please show respect for yourself, the materials, and ALL other people in our classroom.  Be polite and use your manners at all times.  It is not appropriate in our class to use bad language. Besides the obvious, I do not want to hear comments that put others down or that are offensive.  iPods, and Cell Phones are not allowed in class. No Excuses!  Use your materials appropriately and with care. They need to be used in all of my classes and if damages occur, you will have to replace them. Please pick up after yourself, and leave everything in the same condition in which you found it.  I expect you to follow all of these guidelines regardless of whether or not I am in class. This means that you will treat a substitute or any other adult with the same amount of respect.
  3. Please raise your hand to contribute or ask questions, and wait to be called on.  This goes along with being polite. We cannot learn if everyone is talking at once. Therefore we need to take turns and not interrupt others.  I also expect you to listen to what everyone has to say and NOT speak while another individual is talking. 
  4. Please participate in EVERY activity with enthusiasm, a good effort, a positive attitude, and cooperation.  You will be asked to work with other people frequently. You need to be cooperative with others in order to be successful in completing your task.
  5. Please remain seated until the teacher dismisses you, NOT the bell!  At the end of class I will not dismiss you until everything is put away, EVERY student is seated, and EVERY student is quiet.  I like to give instructions at the end of class so it is very important to listen to what is being said.


It is expected that you will be in class every day since what we do in class is necessary for you to complete assignments. We have many discussions and group work in order to enhance student understanding and learning of the material. If you are absent it is somewhat difficult to make up what we do in class. However, I fully understand that absences occur due to illness, family emergencies, or appointments. If you know in advance that you are going to be absent, please let me know. This will allow me to gather any materials that you are going to miss for you ahead of time.  It is your responsibility to see me for assistance in completing the missed assignments. On the day of you return, you are expected to see me before school, during one of my free periods, or after school. You will have the same number of days that you were out to turn in any assignments, but any scheduled tests must be taken on the date provided in the unit outline.  Your grade will be negatively affected by not making up class work done while you were absent!

Seeking My Help:

I understand that not all students learn at the same pace and that at times, you might need extra assistance in understanding certain topics or concepts. PLEASE come see me as soon as there is something that you do not understand completely. Please see me for a pass and let me know when you plan on coming in.

Things to Remember:

  • You are ALL capable of doing well in my class; you just need to put forth the effort, stay on top of your work, and see me at any time that you need help.
  • Not everyone learns at the same pace, or thinks in the same way, so please be patient with every other individual.
  • There is a polite way to say and do anything, so please find it and use it.
  • Nothing feels better than success AND nothing feels better to me than seeing you succeed and accomplish your goals.
  • I Am A Successful Teacher ONLY When You Are Successful!
The Williamsville South High School Academic Integrity Policies as stated in the Code of Conduct and Student Handbook apply to all work completed in this course.