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Summer School 2019

Summer School

The Williamsville Central School District provides a variety of course opportunities in a supportive environment for students who reside in the district and want or need additional classroom exposure during the summer.

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The Williamsville Summer School High School Program will be held Monday through Friday, except for the first and last week of classes. Classes begin Tuesday, July 9 and run through Monday, August 12. Class times have been extended in order to meet New York State requirements for course study. The summer class schedule meets the New York State requirements for course study. Regents exams will be administered August 13-14.

The high school program will be held at Williamsville East High School, 151 Paradise Rd. Thirty-eight courses in six subject areas are being offered including review and new subject area classes. Non-credit tutorials are available for students who need extra help preparing for subject-specific Regents exam retakes in August. Also, one session of Driver Education is being offered. 

Remedial programs are available on a referral basis for elementary and middle school students. The elementary and middle school programs will be held at Maple East Elementary School. English language arts and mathematics are offered for elementary students while the middle school program offers review in grade-specific subject areas including science and social studies. Both elementary and middle school classes run July 10-August 13. 

An array of enrichment programs for children of all ages is offered through the district’s Community Education Summer Program. The popular Weeks of Wonder Program (WOW) for children in grades 1-6 will be held at Mill Middle School. The Community Education Summer Brochure is available on-line at http://williamsville.augusoft.net. In addition, a Summer Music Program is available for students at all levels, from beginner to advanced, with opportunities to learn and perform during the summer months.  

July 9 - August 12
Classes are scheduled as follows:
Tuesday-Friday, July 9-12
Monday - Friday, July 15- August 9
Monday, August 12 is the last day of summer high school classes

Regents Exams:
August 13-14, 2019

Class times: 
Period 1: 7:30am - 9:18am
Period 2: 9:23am - 11:11am
Period 3: 11:16am - 1:04pm

Contact info:
For more information, please call:
High School Summer School - 626-8403
Elementary and Middle School Program - 626-8813
Community Education Program - 626-8080