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With the start of the 2020-21 school year comes many new faces, features, and goals. Here is a look at the new administrators within the District.

New School Administrators
To start the new school year, we are pleased to welcome several new administrators to our team, including a few familiar faces who are taking on new leadership roles in the district. 

2020-2021 DISTRICT Goals


  • Complete stakeholder meetings with administrators, teachers, parents, and community members to formulate our Strategic Plan.
  • Update a plan for diversity in our school district and include new professional development opportunities and recruitment strategies.
  • Improve communication with all stakeholder groups so that they are accurately informed regarding the District's school challenges and solutions and give stakeholders a chance to ask meaningful questions.


  • Support the implementation of best practices for student learning and engagement
  • Work in partnership with stakeholders to plan for and implement a successful curricular transition for the 2020-2021 school year.


  • To extend awareness and skills that promotes and fosters diversity (cultural, religious and social) by building upon the foundation of already provided in-services/workshops for students, faculty/staff and the school community.
  • Remain committed to the effective implementation of special education programming to include successful models of service delivery, expand professional development opportunities and the provision of appropriate instructional modifications, accommodations, scaffolding and behavioral supports. 


  • Enhance the District's ability to improve communication processes that support the instructional programs with emphasis being focused on the remote learning model. 


  • Implementation of the process and procedures for hiring and evaluation coaching positions. 
  • Continue to review methods and cost to covert records in the Central Office to electronic/digital format. 
  • Develop consistent forms and procedures for submitting payroll claims. This goals is  being done in conjunction with the Business Office and the school auditors. 
  • Preparation and implementation of the negotiations processes for the WTA and the WAERP.
  • Successfully navigate the regulations related to the COVID-19 pandemic and ensure compliance with a focus on student and staff health and safety.


  • Financial - Complete an ongoing analysis of the 2020-21 budget performance with emphasis on the projected revenue loss that will occur due to COVID-19. Incorporate the information from the analysis into the December Long Range Financial Plan and continue to update the financial forecast so that the information is considered throughout the development of the 2021-22 budget.  
  • Coordinate and manage the ongoing 2018 Music Improvement project. Work with architects and the construction manager toward the completion of the construction documents that are required for submission to the New York State Education department for the 2020 Security Improvement project.

Social Media
The Williamsville Central School District has 20+ Twitter accounts, one Facebook page and one YouTube channel.  You will find that these accounts act as an immediate source of information, detailing upcoming events, important announcements, and highlighting student life.  

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